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Can any company survive without a strong human resource team? Not in this day and age! Human resource is the backbone of a business, supporting and reflecting the employee–employer relationship.

It is, thus, imperative that all the HR professionals stay up-to-date and on top of all employee law and employee management skills. It is always beneficial to learn newer ways of managing employees, successful hiring and controlling attrition, ways to improve corporate culture, and initiate better HR strategies to maintain workforce and so on. EducatorOne guides you and offers valuable insights on topics related to employee management such as hiring and firing, payroll, performance evaluation, retirement, orientation programs, corporate culture, employee engagement and lot more. So get connected with EducatorOne to keep your staff happy and productive!

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Date Webinar Speaker Price  
Date Webinar Speaker Price  
Mar 24 2017 Onboarding Employees in the 21st Century Work Judi Clements $169.00 Order Now
Mar 23 2017 Stay Interviews: A Powerful Employee Engageme Marcia Zidle $169.00 Order Now
Mar 15 2017 Travel Pay: Handling it Correctly Vicki M. Lambert $169.00 Order Now
Mar 09 2017 Performance Appraisals: What To Keep And What Judi Clements $169.00 Order Now
Mar 03 2017 Form W-2 for 2017 & Payroll Compliance: A Vicki M. Lambert $179.00 Order Now
Feb 02 2017 If It Wasn't Documented It Didn’t Happen: L Judi Clements $179.00 Order Now
Jan 13 2017 Setting and Meeting Crystal Clear Performance Judi Clements $169.00 Order Now
Jan 12 2017 Just Because You’re Talking, Doesn’t Mean Judi Clements $179.00 Order Now
Jan 11 2017 Stepping Up to Supervisor: Essential Skills f Judi Clements $169.00 Order Now
Jan 11 2017 Better Safe Than Sorry: Legal & Effective Judi Clements $169.00 Order Now
Jan 06 2017 Presentation Skills and Executive Presence fo Nancy Flynn $169.00 Order Now