Public Housing & Compliance

Boost your HUD, Fair Housing and ADA compliance knowledge

In this ever-changing industry, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the updates. But you know that success in this industry depends on having all the expert knowledge at your fingertips. Non- compliance can be not only expensive but can also land you in legal hot water.

Don’t stress. We are here to help. We provide practical how-to information and survival tips in an easy-to-digest format at the comfort of your home or office. Our live audio conferences and the question and answer session with the speaker will help you act more confidently and appropriately. Or opt to listen to a recorded conference at a time of your choice and get all the expert information you’d been looking for.

Our speakers will share their experience and knowledge about all the topics relevant to this field, including but limited to housing and property management, EIV system solutions, REAC strategies, Fair Housing Act alerts, MOR guidance, reasonable accommodations advice, field- tested management tactics, sample policies, administrative checklists, HUD compliance reminders and a lot more!

The handy tips and advice offered by our expert speakers will ensure your properties remain funded and compliant. And you don’t even have to travel long distances and spend time in traffic—stay updated and manage your properties easily while being at the back of your desk.

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Date Webinar Speaker Price  
Date Webinar Speaker Price  
Nov 21 2017 Best Practices & Compliance: How To Deal Paul Flogstad $199.00 Register Now
Date Webinar Speaker Price  
Sep 25 2017 Fair Housing For Maintenance Staff Paul Flogstad $199.00 Order Now
Aug 16 2017 Working With LIHTC Utility Allowances Vivian Probst $199.00 Order Now
Jun 27 2017 Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite – Complying wi Paul Flogstad $179.00 Order Now
Apr 03 2017 TRACS 203A Update: What’s New In The Latest Paul Flogstad $199.00 Order Now
Jan 23 2017 Section 8 Compliance Update for Multi-Family Paul Flogstad $179.00 Order Now
Jan 23 2017 You Can’t Make Me Move - The Truth About A Vivian Probst $199.00 Order Now
Sep 20 2016 Ensure HUD's HOME Program Compliance With Eas Paul Flogstad $179.00 Order Now
Aug 16 2016 Advanced LIHTC Compliance—Taking LIHTC Comp Paul Flogstad $199.00 Order Now
Mar 16 2016 Affordable Housing Demographics For Todays Ma Paul Flogstad $199.00 Order Now
May 27 2015 Preparing for a REAC inspection? Here’s wha Paul Flogstad $199.00 Order Now