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TheoPRO Compliance & Consulting, Inc., dba The TheoPRO Group, is a certified WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) owned and operated by Vivian Probst, HCCP, SHCM. The company has been providing Section 42 compliance training and auditing services for over 25 years. TheoPRO is well-established in the industry as a company with extensive knowledge of Section 42 and related compliance requirements. Training is action-packed, uplifting and entertaining.

Vivian Probst is a nationally recognized consultant and trainer with over 30 years of property management experience combined with 25 years working with Section 42 and combined program. Published in industry magazines and a recognized speaker at industry conferences, Probst's focus is the successful development and compliance management of tax credit housing. She also holds a degree in Intracultural Studies from a private religious organization. An award winning author and an indefatigable researcher into matters of the heart, mind and soul of compliance (and life), Probst lives to learn how to make life compliant, wonderful and to share her message wherever she goes.

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