Upcoming Events

We have a huge variety of conferences to suit the needs of every professional. Discover new ways to breeze through the Microsoft Office Suite, learn ground-breaking sales and marketing strategies, ace your leadership, management, and communication skills, bring yourself up to speed on the confusing HR laws, stay compliant with banking and construction laws and learn much more!

Date Webinar Title Speaker Price
March 30, 2017 The Public Education Rights Of Non-Citizens In Today’s U.S.: What K-12 and Post-Secondary Schools Need To Know Erin D. Gilsbach $179.00 Register Now
April 03, 2017 TRACS 203A Update: What’s New In The Latest Version Of HUD’s TRACS Paul Flogstad $199.00 Register Now
April 04, 2017 Fringe Benefits Blitz: Taxing and Reporting Fringe Benefits Vicki M. Lambert $179.00 Register Now
April 05, 2017 Mastering Microsoft Excel 2013 Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts Dennis Taylor $169.00 Register Now
April 06, 2017 OASIS C2 And Challenging M Items Sharon M. Litwin $199.00 Register Now
April 11, 2017 Do It Right, Gain Control of Your Time, Get Your High Priority Tasks Done Marcia Zidle $169.00 Register Now
April 18, 2017 Integrating Microsoft Office – Excel To Word, Through PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote And Back Mitzi Gibson Katz $169.00 Register Now
April 19, 2017 Your Risk For Sanctions Under New CoPs? Arlene Maxim $199.00 Register Now
April 20, 2017 Public Speaking in the Digital Age: Content, Graphics, & Overcoming Stage Fright Judi Clements $169.00 Register Now
April 21, 2017 SOX Compliance For Payroll Dayna J. Reum $179.00 Register Now
April 25, 2017 Business Intelligence Using Microsoft Excel Power Pivot & Power Query Mike Thomas $179.00 Register Now
April 26, 2017 Ethics In Grantsmanship...Words To Write By Scot Scala $169.00 Register Now
April 27, 2017 Time Extension Requests – A Checklist James G. Zack Jr. $199.00 Register Now
May 02, 2017 Give Productivity A Boost – Learn To Customize Microsoft Outlook To Your Personality And Job. Karla Brandau $169.00 Register Now
May 04, 2017 Mastering Microsoft Excel Charts & Visual Tools Dennis Taylor $169.00 Register Now
July 27, 2017 Academic Grit And Retention: The Role Of Faculty & Advisors Dr. Sue Ohrablo $169.00 Register Now
Date Webinar Title Speaker Price
March 27, 2017 Data Visualization With Excel Mike Thomas $179.00 Register Now